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BugsGear Aqulele plastic ukulele review

Plastic ukuleles can be considered to be both retro and modern. They were really popular back in the 1950’s with plastic ukes from Maccaferri and other brands. Over 60 years later, plastic instruments are enjoying a resurgence in popularity. Why would you even want a plastic ukulele? Because it’s an instrument that you won’t have […]

Amp it Up: 3 Amazing Electro-Acoustic Ukuleles (guest post)

If you love the ukulele but you really want to kick out the jams, the answer could be an electro-acoustic uke. An electro-acoustic ukulele allows you to plug into an amp and crank it up to pump out some real volume. You can also play with your amp’s settings to find your unique sound – […]

Building Stewart-MacDonald’s Soprano Uke Kit

I’ve never been a particularly handy person. My friends know better than to ask for my help with home improvement projects, and my instrument repair skills are mostly confined to string changes. But after building Stewart-MacDonald’s soprano uke kit, I have a new found confidence in my abilities.

The Kala U Bass is a high-end low end

Owen Holt may not be a name you know, but he’s one of the great innovators of the ukulele. His Road Toad shop produces some amazing-shaped ukes, like the Sharkfin and Mana, that are some of the finest sounding ukes made today. But more importantly, he’s created a fifth uke to add to the set […]

RISA Uke-Solid Ukulele Review

I think we can all agree that a ukulele is a really small instrument. But If you enjoy traveling and are also obsessed with packing as lightly as possible, even a soprano sized ukulele in its case can require too much room in your luggage. Not to worry though, I have a great solution for […]

DaSilva Custom Concert Ukulele Review

UAS (Ukulele Acquisition Syndrome) is a condition that once acquired can never be truly cured. I caught this disease very shortly after discovering the ukulele late last fall. In that time, I have purchased and reviewed instruments from several popular brands. But then something happened. I decided to have a custom instrument made – a […]

Kamaka HF‐3 Tenor Ukulele Review

– A guest review by Ben Hinkley I received my Kamaka ukulele yesterday, and what an instrument it is. I bought it from Elderly Instruments, Lansing MI.  I was offered a really polite and efficient service ordered on Friday morning of the 29th August and shipped to the U.K where I received it on Monday […]

Boat Paddle Concert Ukulele Review

Well folks, my experience of wanting, ordering, and receiving my very first custom instrument is now complete. If you’ve been following along, I have been writing about my Boat Paddle Ukulele journey since the end of March when Jerry Hoffmann began building my custom concert sized uke. I won’t re-write that entire story as you […]

GString C1 Sun Concert Ukulele Review

The ukulele originated in Hawaii, so it shouldn’t be a surprise that someone who is interested in this little instrument, would want to try a uke built in its native habitat. My goal is to be able to review at least one model from each major Hawaiian luthier. My first review towards that lofty ambition […]

KoAloha KCM-00 Review

KoAloha ukuleles are one of the most popular Hawaiian made instruments on the market. When I was shopping for my first uke, I kept reading good comments about them, but their looks kept me from actually purchasing one. The pictures that I saw on the web made them look a little boring as they didn’t […]