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iProp iPad Music Stand Review

Today I want to show you an iPad floor stand called the iProp. The iProp is an adjustable stand that will allow you to use your iPad hands-free for watching movies, reading, or even as a music stand for your ukulele sheet music.

Switching Between a Pick & Fingers with the Jam Kat

When I got the invite to test drive Pick Smith’s Jam Kat I agreed, not knowing what exactly a Jam Kat did or who Pick Smith was. Twenty minutes of poking around their website got me only marginally closer to answering those questions, but I did eventually determine that the Jam Kat is a rather […]

Korg DT-4 Chromatic Tuner Review

It’s been a year since I rediscovered music by picking up the ukulele. Now I’m completely obsessed with this little instrument and in addition, all the accessories that go along with them. Ok, there really aren’t THAT many ukulele accessories… But, one accessory that I use every time I play is a tuner. As a […]

TEMPer Hum USB Hygrometer and Thermometer

I’ve had the opportunity to play with quite a few wacky USB devices in the past few years via my other website The Gadgeteer. Everything from a USB refrigerator and a USB drum kit, to a USB letter opener. The latest interesting USB gadget to show up on my door step is the USB Hygro-Thermometer fromBrando. This flash drive […]

Kani Ka Pila Klip Review

I used to own a metal music stand, but always found it to be more trouble than it was worth. Storing it when it wasn’t being used was a pain, and on more than one occasion, I tripped over it while it was setup. Yes, I can be a bit clumsy, but still 😉 When […]

eNote Clip On Digital Chromatic Tuner Review

Since I recently started playing a ukulele, I’ve been interested in various accessories that go along with playing a stringed instrument. Admittedly, there aren’t many. But the main accessory that I use every time I sit down to play (or try to play) a song, is a tuner. A month ago, I took a look […]

Intelli IMT-500 Digital Chromatic Tuner Review

Back in the stone age when I was learning to play guitar, there were only two ways to tune an instrument. By pitch pipe, or by ear. I wasn’t good at either method and was always frustrated that my guitar sounded ‘funky’ when I would play it. Years later, when the first electronic tuners were […]