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BugsGear Aqulele plastic ukulele review

Plastic ukuleles can be considered to be both retro and modern. They were really popular back in the 1950’s with plastic ukes from Maccaferri and other brands. Over 60 years later, plastic instruments are enjoying a resurgence in popularity. Why would you even want a plastic ukulele? Because it’s an instrument that you won’t have […]

Amp it Up: 3 Amazing Electro-Acoustic Ukuleles (guest post)

If you love the ukulele but you really want to kick out the jams, the answer could be an electro-acoustic uke. An electro-acoustic ukulele allows you to plug into an amp and crank it up to pump out some real volume. You can also play with your amp’s settings to find your unique sound – […]

Tell U What by Brittni Paiva CD review

Title: Tell U What Artist: Brittni Paiva Year: 2012

iProp iPad Music Stand Review

Today I want to show you an iPad floor stand called the iProp. The iProp is an adjustable stand that will allow you to use your iPad hands-free for watching movies, reading, or even as a music stand for your ukulele sheet music.

Switching Between a Pick & Fingers with the Jam Kat

When I got the invite to test drive Pick Smith’s Jam Kat I agreed, not knowing what exactly a Jam Kat did or who Pick Smith was. Twenty minutes of poking around their website got me only marginally closer to answering those questions, but I did eventually determine that the Jam Kat is a rather […]

Building Stewart-MacDonald’s Soprano Uke Kit

I’ve never been a particularly handy person. My friends know better than to ask for my help with home improvement projects, and my instrument repair skills are mostly confined to string changes. But after building Stewart-MacDonald’s soprano uke kit, I have a new found confidence in my abilities.

The Kala U Bass is a high-end low end

Owen Holt may not be a name you know, but he’s one of the great innovators of the ukulele. His Road Toad shop produces some amazing-shaped ukes, like the Sharkfin and Mana, that are some of the finest sounding ukes made today. But more importantly, he’s created a fifth uke to add to the set […]

Monkey Swing Monkey Doo by Doctor Sparkles – CD Review

Title: Monkey Swing Monkey Doo Artist: Doctor Sparkles Label: Kevin Patrick Baiko Year: 2008

Korg DT-4 Chromatic Tuner Review

It’s been a year since I rediscovered music by picking up the ukulele. Now I’m completely obsessed with this little instrument and in addition, all the accessories that go along with them. Ok, there really aren’t THAT many ukulele accessories… But, one accessory that I use every time I play is a tuner. As a […]

Mainland Ukuleles – A New Shop in Nashville, Indiana

I don’t live in a big city and it’s rare to find a ukulele store within 100 miles radius of my town. For that reason, I was super excited when I learned about a new ukulele store opening up only 8 miles from my house! Mainland Ukes in Nashville, Indiana is run by Mike Hater […]