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The Tofukulele is not made of soy, it’s made of LEGO bricks

I’ve seen ukuleles made of cigar boxes, cookie tins and gourds, but this the first ukulele that I’ve seen made from LEGO bricks. And the thing is that it’s not just a one of a kind novelty instrument. It’s a real ukulele sold by Elderly Instruments with a patent pending design. They have three of […]

It’s a stylus, a pen and a one-stringed guitar. Wait, what?

If your four stringed ukulele has more strings that you can handle, check out the FretPen. It’s a Kickstarter campaign that will start on April 22, for a one-stringed guitar. It interfaces with a smartphone, which by the little info we have so far, might just be iOS devices. The video shows that the pen […]

This uke makes a great egg slicer. Wait, what?

Here’s one for those uber uke fans out there… It’s an egg slicer in the shape of a ukulele. The Tropical Tunes Slicer is a kitchen gadget shaped just like your favorite instrument – right down to the strings. Well, true uke fans will scratch their heads when they take a close look at this […]

ToneRite claims to bring vintage tone to new ukuleles

People who play guitars and other stringed wooden instruments often covet vintage instruments because they usually have better tone due to years of vibrations from being played. But no one wants to wait 50 – 100 years for their newer instrument’s sound to “open up” and resonate more. ToneRite is an electronic device that uses […]

Ohana re-issues vintage models that salute the original “Dias uke”

Ohana Ukuleles is reissuing 2 ukuleles: the SK-28 and the CK-28. The Ohana SK-28 is a vintage re-issue of the Portuguese model first introduced to Hawaii in 1879 by cabinet-makers Manuel Nunes, Augusto Dias and Jose do Espirito Santos – the first ukulele luthiers. Ohana’s CK-28 is a concert-sized version of the SK-28. Both models […]

Walk off the Earth does it again, this time with ukuleles

The Martin Ukulele – new book from Hal Leonard Books

If you are interested in learning about the history of the ukulele and C.F. Martin Company’s role in it, you might want to check out a new book from Hal Leonard Books. The Martin Ukulele details how the famous Nazareth, PA guitar company started producing ukulele’s back in 1907 though the 4-stringed instrument’s roller coaster […]

Respect your ukulele by protecting it with a MONO case

MONO Cases offer protective gear for keyboards, acoustic and electric guitars / basses. Now they are introducing a ukulele case. The M80 features their patented headlock protection that suspends the headstock of the uke in the case. This adds extra protection from impact in the event of a drop. The M80 also features an ABS […]

James Hill turns the ukulele into a new instrument

If you ever find yourself getting bored playing your ukulele, just watch this video of James Hill from a concert in 2011. He takes one ukulele + 2 chopsticks + plastic hair comb + rubber thimble + non-slip pad and a piece of tape and turns the whole shabang into something crazy and fun. Watching […]

Ukeonomics is like Freakonomics, but for ukuleles

Freakonomics was a best selling book from a few years ago that explored the hidden side of everything. Interesting book, but it neglected an important subject – ukuleles! Miles Ramsay has created a new uke blog called Ukeonomics and it offers some tips, tricks and tools to help you elevate your ukulele knowledge and skill. The site […]