Alternative for a MONO case

A friend of mine who has recently started playing ukulele saw my post for the MONO cases and sent me this note:

“Last night I realized I have a case that seems to be almost exactly the same thing at a fraction of the cost.  The Lanikai Sidekick Printed Ukulele Hard Bag ( is available for all four sizes of ukes for $45 for concert or soprano and $49 for tenor or baritone.  All the bags have a rigid shape, 25mm of padding on all sides, three moveable cushions to support the neck and keep the uke in place, and a zippered pocket on the outside for tuners, microfiber cleaning cloths, and the like.  They have a zipper closure with 2 zipper heads, sturdy plastic “briefcase-style handle on the side, a rubber reinforced grab handle at the headstock end, and backpack-style shoulder straps that can be hidden away if you don’t want to use them. The bags are available in a floral or a tribal design.  There’s a similar solid black “hard” bag that is cheaper, but I haven’t seen one to know how they compare.

I have the Tribal design, and I love the bag.  It’s much nicer for carrying my uke to lessons than that hard tweed case, because it has shoulder straps so I still have my hands free to carry my music books and my stupid purse.  ;o)  The only thing I don’t like about the bag is the giant white rubber badge on the front, but I used the scissors on my tiny Swiss Army knife to nip the threads and removed it.  Now it’s perfect!  And I ordered mine off eBay instead of directly from Lanikai, so it was considerably cheaper.”

Thanks Janet!


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