Amp it Up: 3 Amazing Electro-Acoustic Ukuleles (guest post)


If you love the ukulele but you really want to kick out the jams, the answer could be an electro-acoustic uke. An electro-acoustic ukulele allows you to plug into an amp and crank it up to pump out some real volume. You can also play with your amp’s settings to find your unique sound – and you could even use pedals to increase fuzz, reverb and numerous other sonic effects.

So which ukes should you be looking at? Here are 3 amazing electro acoustic ukuleles to consider:

1) Lanikai LU-6E Electro-Acoustic 6 String Tenor Ukulele (shown above)

The Lanikai LU-6E is a stunning 6 string tenor ukulele that any musician should be happy to have in their hands. The electro-acoustic model has all the features of the non-acoustic LU-6, with the added bonus that you can amp it up in order to jam out with friends, play gigs or record your top tunes.

This classic looking ukulele has a nato wood top, back and sides, inline gold tuners with pearl buttons and a Shadow pickup with 2 band EQ. An excellent versatile instrument built to high standards.


2) Pono MT-E All Solid Mahogany Electro-Acoustic Tenor Ukulele

If you are looking for superb quality you could do a lot worse than this Pono MT-E solid mahogany tenor ukulele. With a mahogany top, back and sides, plus a rosewood faceplate, fingerboard and bridge, this instrument screams masterful manufacture. It also features a rope marquetry rosette, pearl position dots and pearl logo. Basically, it looks amazing.

This instrument is much more than great looks though, with a Shadow SH110-UK pickup and endpin jack that allows it be plugged in to make as much noise as you like. The high quality craftsmanship of this ukulele means that it offers an amazing mellow but penetrating sound, even before it’s amped up. And when you do plug it in you enter a new world of audio delights and adventure.


3) Kala KA-JTE Tenor Archtop Electro-Acoustic Ukulele

This is certainly one of the most attractive electro-acoustic ukuleles on the market. The Kala KA-JTE has a fantastic archtop design and classic f-holes, which give it a real retro look. The style of this ukulele is improved further by mother of pearl palm tree inlay and pearloid binding.

The spruce top and mahogany back and sides give this tenor uke a warm, full sound, but of course you can get more out of this gorgeous instrument by plugging it in. A Shadow active EQ provides the amplification and put through a good ukulele amp you can really rock out with this Kala uke.

Photos provided by Southern Ukulele.

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  1. Recently i brought lanikai lu-21 soprano ukulele . The sound is amazing .As a beginners lanikai is amazing .

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