Respect your ukulele by protecting it with a MONO case


MONO Cases offer protective gear for keyboards, acoustic and electric guitars / basses. Now they are introducing a ukulele case. The M80 features their patented headlock protection that suspends the headstock of the uke in the case. This adds extra protection from impact in the event of a drop. The M80 also features an ABS inner shell that offers hardcase protection in a fraction of the weight. The outer case covering is called Sharkskin and provides a waterproof barrier between the outside and the padded inside of the case. A shoulder strap allows you to wear your uke on your back for those quick dashes through the airport or a leisurely walk to your next gig. Protection doesn’t come cheap, MONO’s M80 is priced at $140 and is available in soprano and concert sizes. I’m surprised that they don’t also offer a tenor size, but hopefully they are coming soon.

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