Would you donate for ukulele TAB files?


Last fall Carl of Uke of Carl asked if I’d feature his site in a news post on Ukulele Review. I said I’d be happy to and then promptly forgot to do so. Oops… Today while cleaning out my email inbox, I found that message to Carl and decided not to put it off any longer.

Uke of Carl has a unique collection of TV, Movie and Game theme songs that have been tabbed for the ukulele. Most of songs include a video of Carl playing the tune. You can watch the video for free and the tabs are also free – with one caveat. You have to email Carl and ask for each tab file to be sent to you. They aren’t available for download directly from his site. He also asks for Paypal donations, but says they are not required.

In addition to tabs, Carl offers instructional eBooks of various topics such as Jewish Ukulele, Group Ukulele vol 1&2, Christmas Duets and more. Unlike the tabs, the eBooks are not free and range in price from £5 – £8.

Have you ever purchased a Ukulele eBook or tab file online?

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