Camping and Traveling With a Ukulele

It’s only April, but the weather is warming up and before we know it, it will be summer time. Popular past times during the summer are camping and traveling. Although I’ve never been camping in my life (sad isn’t it?), I do enjoy traveling and this year will be the first year in a very long time where I’ll be traveling by car instead of a plane. At the end of next month, I’m planning a trip to the Lake Michigan Saugatuck area. I’ve never been that far north and am really looking forward to it. We’re going to be renting a cabin right on the lake, and since we’re driving, it will be easy to bring a ukulele along for the trip. I’m ashamed to admit that I haven’t paid any attention to my ukuleles in well over a year or longer, but I’m ready to start over learning to play it again. This trip will hopefully be the catalast. But, which ukulele will be the right traveling companion and which song books to bring along? That’s what I’m trying to figure out.

All the ukes in my collection are custom built instruments except for the RISA Uke-Solid. Although the RISA isn’t the most comfortable uke to play given it’s shape, it is the post portable and most sturdy. I won’t have to worry about it getting crushed or banged around in the car with the rest of the luggage. The only down side to choosing this uke for the trip is that without an amp, it’s very quiet.

Another option is my Boat Paddle ukulele… mainly because it will fit the theme of the trip. Boat Paddle… Lake Michigan… get it? 😉

For song books, I’m thinking about learning some classic’s like the ones in Jumpin Jim’s Camp Ukulele song book which includes all your favorite campfire songs like When The Saints Go Marching In, You Are My Sunshine, Bingo, Oh, Susanna, On Top Of Old Smoky and lots more.

What ever songs I try to learn, I want them to be easy and fun to go along with my relaxed vacation.

So what about you? Do you take your ukulele with you when you travel? What is your favorite instrument to bring along on your adventures?

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  1. I have taken my concert-neck Flea on several trips, including an Alaskan cruise. It fit perfectly at the end of the airplane overhead bin, is very stable and was great to play on the ship.

  2. Your Boat Paddle would be perfect…at the cabin. For beach going (sun&sand), I take a Lanikai soprano pineapple. No fear of damage, no fuss.

    Have fun in Saugatuck! Lots of beautiful beaches further north, too. Holland State Park, Tunnel Park (one of my favorites), Rosey Mound Natural Area (great boardwalks from back dune to beach – warning – lots of climbing!), Grand Haven, P.J.Hoffmaster State Park (lovely dune walk). Enjoy.

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