Play Ukulele Songs on your iPad with Miso Music Plectrum App and the iPic Stylus

Friday night I was watching one of my favorite shows Shark Tank, where one of the “contestants” was trying to get funding for their iPad musical instruction app called Miso Music Plectrum that helps you learn banjo, guitar and ukulele songs. After the show, I checked out the app and some subsequent research turned up a surprisingly interesting new stylus that is shaped like a guitar pick. The iPic from Woodees can be used like a standard capacitive stylus, but it can also be used to “play” virtual stringed instruments by providing a more traditional feel. Priced at $14.99, the iPic is available in several colors and can also be used with gloves. Miso Music Plectrum is available for the iPad and is priced at .99 cents. In app purchase of individual songs are Free – $ depending on the song.

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