eleuke Giveaway at Ukeeku

Tim from Ukeeku wants everyone to know about a contest he’s having on his site to give away a sweet looking little Blue eleuke. The contest is dirt simple. Just comment to one of his posts between now and 4/30/10 and you’re entered! Check his site for more info.

3 Responses to “eleuke Giveaway at Ukeeku”

  1. I love these eleukes, picked one up a month ago and can not let it go, the girlfriend loves it too because you can barely hear it with the headphones on.

  2. @ukulelestrummer Your girlfriend loves it because she doesn’t have to hear you play? Maybe you need to practice more 😉 Just kidding!

  3. I’ve never had the pleasure of playing an eleuke, busy trying to justify to my girlfriend why i need another uke lol

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