Another custom ukulele coming my way

The Boat Paddle ukulele wasn’t the only custom instrument that I’ve had on order. I just learned a few minutes ago that my Mike DaSilva custom concert has shipped and should arrive Friday 🙂 I’ve been waiting awhile for this one, and can’t wait to test it out. Here’s a sneak peak…

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A few sounds samples:




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  1. As much as I think it it really awsome that your BUYING (Its a review site, come on, you can get a billion ukes for free) these really nice ukuleles, you are a realtive newb to ukuleles. I doubt you could even tell the difference between a spruce top or a koa except that the koa is more expensive. Get some ukuleles that people actually can buy.

  2. Oh, man. I’m incredibly jealous. I really need to start saving up my pocket money.

    taszerl: I think reviewing luthiers is, if anything, more useful than reviewing bog standard ukes given the financial and time commitment involved.

  3. taszerl:

    Wow, I can get a billion ukes for free? I wish I would have known that before buying the ones that I’ve reviewed so far… thanks for the tip.

    Joking aside, I do plan to review some budget ukes, I just want to share my experiences about these two customs that I ordered. I figured people would be interested about the process.

    As for not being able to tell the difference between the sound of Koa and Spruce, we’ll find out as the DaSilva will be my first Spruce uke. 🙂

  4. Julie,
    you just keep doing what you’re doing. All your reviews have something of interest.

  5. have you gotten the uke yet? i’m waiting to hear how you like it. i just ordered one and the wait is about 12-16 weeks, just in time for my birthday or christmas. can you put some sound samples on the site? thanks for this cool uke spot.

  6. ukefan:
    Thanks! I plan to 🙂

    I got it this afternoon. Today has been a crazy day for me, so I’ve not been able to do much more than take it out of the case, admire it and strum it a few minutes. I’ll put up some sound samples this weekend.

  7. I added some sound samples…

  8. woo hoo! your uke sounds great! thanks for posting the samples. i look forward to your full review of the ukulele. it looks gorgeous.

    did you get the upper end hard shell case that he sells? i’m considering getting this for my uke, so if you did get a case i would be interested in what you think about it.

    thanks again for this uke site!

  9. Yes, I did get the new zippered hard shell case that he has pictured on his site. I like it a lot! It even has a combination lock.

    What are the specs on the uke that you ordered?

  10. The uke I ordered will be the same as DaSilva #147 without all of the extra frills on the neck and trim due to a lack of funds. It is a Martin 3 copy. I heard Shigeto play his and was amazed at the sound. Shigeto plays old-time 20’s and 30’s music and is just fantastic!

    Your uke looks beautiful. I really love the back wood grain. Let us know what you think of it after you’ve been able to fully appreciate it.

  11. have you fallen in love with your dasilva ukulele yet?

  12. I like it VERY much, but I’m not a real big fan of the fishing line strings that Mike installs on his instruments. They are a bit hard on my fingers. I’ve ordered some Worth and Fremont strings to try out – just waiting for them to come in the mail.

  13. Hi there all, I live in Wales in the U.K, and after reading your reviews, have decided on a KSM-00 KoAloha Soprano. I ordered it from Rob at Ukulele4U and it should arrive next week sometime. I have been weighing up the pros & cons of these different Ukes & the KSM-00 KoAloha Soprano is definitely for me (they sound fantastic on the web – YouTube etc).
    I own several Ukes and my favorite is my Vintage Aria – all Mahogany, which is pretty old and beaten up but sounds raw and beautiful. I also own an Oscar Schmit/Washburn 0U-5 Concert, which I really rate for the price (a very reasonable $130 on ebay). Mine sounds bright and fresh and has great low action, making it so easy to play. I thought I’d mention my 0U-5 as taszerl seemed to get a bit upset at the exclusive reviewing – this ones for you taszerl.

    I am thinking of buying a KIWAYA KTC-2, a Japanese brand of uke. Does anyone know much about them? I would welcome any input on these fabulous looking Japanese Ukuleles. Also, can anyone shed some light on OHANA Ukuleles? Thanks…………And great work Julie.

  14. Ben:

    I have a Kiwaya KTS-4 and it’s quite nice. I prefer concert sized instruments though (at least right now…), so it doesn’t get played all that often.

    Good luck on your KoAloha. I just sold the one I reviewed and shipped it off today. 🙂

  15. I have a Kamaka HF-3 TENOR arriving today. If you would like me to review it, then let me know. I’d be happy to.

  16. It has arrived (Kamaka HF-3 TENOR 4) and it is amazing.

  17. It has arrived (Kamaka HF-3 TENOR 4) and it is amazing.
    Also I noticed you do book/cd/dvd reviews, I’ve been playing ukulele for several years now and I found the following DVD’s really helpful in my quest for perfection (not got there yet……..but still trying) –
    1. Learn to play BLUES UKULELE – taught by Rigk Sauer (dvd)
    2. The Complete Ukulele Series – Essential Strums for the Ukulele taught by Ralph “King of the Ukulele” Shaw (dvd)

    I hope this info is useful (you probably knew already, but hey)

  18. Ben:

    A review of the Kamaka would be wonderful 🙂 Why don’t you email me and we can talk about it.

    I’ll be getting the Learn to play Blues Ukulele book that you mentioned very soon. Rigk is going to send it to me along with one of his Uke Solid travel ukes.

  19. Let us all know how the Risa Travel uke is, I’ve always fancied one as I’m forever being told to KEEP THE NOISE DOWN.

  20. I’m excited to read your full review. Will you post any videos with the dasilva ukulele?

  21. lukeap:

    I’ll consider including a video – I tend to screw up when I try to video tape myself playing though 😉

  22. aww, don’t be so hard on yourself. also, don’t forget you can edit as much as you want!

  23. have you made your verdict yet?

  24. lukeap:

    I’ll try to get an actual review up this weekend. But to cut to the chase, I love this uke 🙂

  25. sweet. i’m excited! are you going to post vids too? you should showcase your mad uke skills.

  26. and it would be super cool if you had one video showcasing all the ukes you own and what they sound like. if only everyone had a ukulele with them at all times. wouldn’t the world be so nice?

  27. So how do you like your DaSilva? I had aquired the DaSilva #34 which sounds superb! In fact I have quite a few superb ukesand I just started playing about 8 months:

    Flea concert Koa with pick-up, Flea concert Mahogany, Mainland mahogany pineapple, 1950’s Matin concert and tenor (you just can’t believe the near perfect condition they are in), Tom Guy tenor cigar box- great sound, just aquired a Koaloha extended neck concert- the one with the crown look bridge,and a superb William King #24 extended neck soprono adi top/ walnut back and sides and a William King tenor #44 adi top and great Koa back and sides with a MISI pick up. The funny thing is, I not a good player at all, but I love them and I’m off to hunt for a Kamaka concert. Best of wishes- I was going to get a paddle boat , but they never answered my emails.

  28. @David I still love my DaSilva. I would say that it is one top ukes in my collection.

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