Olympics = Ukulele Fun!

I just received this email from Al Woodshed of http://HowToPlayUkulele.com:

Hi Ukulele Hunters,

I’ve been getting well and truly into the Olympic spirit recently. This has inspired me to arrange a bunch of national anthems for the ukulele so I can play along with the medal ceremonies (which should give me plenty of practice on the US and Australian anthems and about three shots at the UK national anthem). I’ve tabbed all these out and put them into an ebook.

By their nature, national anthems are fairly simple and I’ve kept the arrangements as easy to play as possible. If you’re just getting started in fingerpicking and solo ukulele, they’re a great place to start.

This ebook is going to be sold at $7. But, for the early birds, it’s $5 from now until the end of the Olympics (24th August).

You can find out more, listen to mp3s of the arrangements and download tab for Scotland the Brave (which isn’t part of the ebook) here:

How to Play National Anthems

If you have any questions, shoot me an email.




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