My Custom Boat Paddle Ukulele Part 7

Jerry Hoffmann sent me an email this morning to let me know that he has finished my custom Boat Paddle ukulele. πŸ˜€ He sent me the final bill, I paid it and am now waiting for my new gorgeous instrument to be delivered by UPS. Until it arrives, he sent me some pictures to tide me over…

Jerry: Hi Julie,Β  The long wait is over!Β  Here are photos of the finished ukulele.Β  I was very pleased with the tone and volume when I first strung it up–it’s among the best, but I’ll let you be the judge when you write your review.Β  Thanks for the opportunity for me to build a custom ukulele for you.Β  -Jerry

So what do you all think of it? I couldn’t be happier and I haven’t even touched it yet! πŸ™‚

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17 Responses to “My Custom Boat Paddle Ukulele Part 7”

  1. […] Read Part1, Part2, Part3, Part4, Part5, Part6, Part7 […]

  2. […] Read Part1, Part2, Part3, Part4, Part5, Part6, Part7 […]

  3. […] Read Part1, Part2, Part3, Part4, Part5, Part6, Part7 […]

  4. That looks sweet! I love the size, I love the choice of woods, and that figuring on the back is great! I also love the sound in the samples. It’s not traditional uke, but it sounds natural to my ears.

    I’m kind of curious about the pins instead of nut system. The upsides are clear, but there’s a downside that the action can only be adjusted from the saddle. I wonder what happens if the action is too low, or if there is a “sweet spot, or else it’ll buzz” spot on the pins for placing the strings when having to re-string.

    These are things only one of your reviews will tell us. πŸ˜‰ What was the final bill if you don’t mind my asking?

  5. Plainsong:

    Concert size uke with cutaway $500
    Redwood top, Maple Sides and back AAA or better $48
    Maple bridge $0
    Maple binding $75
    Maple binding around sound hole $0
    Maple fretboard $40
    Fretboard wave makers $145
    burl redwood peghead $15
    Grover open gear tuners $0
    Gloss finish (8-10 coats hand leveled and polished lacquer) $150

    Total: $973

  6. That turned out really nice! The wave markers cost more than I thought it might have, but I guess that’s a lot of work to make and inlay those things. I have a custom that should be shipping to me soon so I know the feeling of anticipation. Congradulations on your new uke!

  7. GX9901:
    I saw your post about your William King. It looks terrific! I can’t wait to see your review πŸ™‚

    I should have my custom DaSilva soon too. I think that he’s running a bit behind though. I guess that’s good as it just seems a bit too much to have 2 new customs at the same time πŸ˜‰

  8. That is one heckuva reasonable price for a custom uke! I can’t wait for the videos of this bad boy. πŸ™‚

  9. I’ll jump in with a few notes. The pinned nuts on my ukuleles are removable much like a bridge saddle, and material can be removed from the bottom side to lower the action. To raise the action on both pinned and grooved nuts, a shim is placed under it or a new nut is made.

    Boat Paddle Ukuleles is just over 3 years old and I’m keeping prices low to generate as much start up business as possible, but it won’t last forever!

  10. That answers the mysterious pin style nut question. Thanks, boatpaddle!

  11. Hi Julie,

    Congrats on the new uke, it’s beautiful!

    Is there a reason you choose the cedar/maple combination for your Boat Paddle Uke? I fingerpick the uke a lot with a low G string and heard somewhere that cedar is good tone wood for that.

    Did Jerry Hoffman tell you anything about the sound characteristic of the cedar/maple combo?

    I’m thinking about getting a new uke that is best for fingerpicking.
    In my opnion most ukes are made for strumming rather than fingerpicking. inculding my main ukes (a Koa concert Kanilea and vintage martin tenor).

  12. heydochey:

    The top is actually Redwood, not Cedar. You can read what Jerry has to say about Redwood on part 2:
    Scroll down towards the bottom…

    I haven’t gotten to play the new uke yet as I noticed some problems with the finish when I received it, and had to send it back to Jerry. I should have it back in a couple of weeks. πŸ™‚

  13. Hi Julie,

    It’s awesome how many wood choices we have for building a custom uke. It’s also hard to make a decision. . What Jerry said on Part 2 makes a lot of sense. The curly maple back and side on your Paddle Boat uke is quite attractive.

    It will be very interesting to see what you think of the sound of different your hardwood ukes and your Paddle Boat uke with the soft wood top, especially between strumming and fingerpicking.

    A little shameless promo for my uke playing:


  14. Great song and nice uke πŸ™‚

  15. Hi Julie
    can’t wait to hear what you think, I’d be interested in how you think it compares with your G-String too.

    Take it easy


  16. What’s the update on this beautiful instrument?

  17. I’m going to post my review this weekend if all goes as planned πŸ™‚

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