My Custom Boat Paddle Ukulele Part 3


I received an email from Jerry yesterday with the following update and question…

Jerry: Hi Julie, I worked on your inlay today, took pictures, and have a new option for you. Once the test inlay was done, it looked kind of wimpy to me, so here’s the original and the option:

This is me making the original. The image is printed on label paper, stuck on the wood and sawed out with a jeweler’s saw.




Here’s what it looks like inlayed in maple…


This is the new option with a maple inlay against a dark oval background.


Let me know what you think…

I had to agree with Jerry, the original design for the fret markers seemed a bit plain looking. His drawing of the alternate version looked a lot better to me, so I told him to go for it. Then today I received another email…

Jerry: Hi Julie, Here’s the 2nd option test inlay. Much better!


I agree, that this version looks a lot nicer! By the way, the inlay is made of Mahogany.

It’s so great to have a luthier that is also a designer! What do you all think?

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10 Responses to “My Custom Boat Paddle Ukulele Part 3”

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  3. The new option looks sharp đŸ˜‰

  4. Wow that looks awesome! One day I want to try building my own instrument!

  5. Is the orignal marker rosewood or ebony? I like that one better due to the better contrast and simplicity. The mahogany on the new marker seem a bit too light in comparison. Also the marker shape inside the oval may give the illusion that the oval is warped. This is just my opinion though. You should do whatever you like the most.

  6. The original is made from the same wood (Mahogany) that the 2nd version is made of. It’s possible that Jerry put some lacquer or something over the first version to make it darker, but didn’t do that to the second version. I like the second version better đŸ™‚

  7. Gosh, he’s really awesome to be working with you so closely on your ukulele.

    It’s wonderful to be able to look in on all the little things that go into custon uke building.

    Someday, I’ll build my own ukulele, so this is just great. I think I like wood inlays better than shell.

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