And the winners are….


I had a really hard time narrowing the 54 entries for the Play it Forward contest down to just 3 winners. I sure wish that I had a lot of money, because I would gladly buy a FLEA ukulele for everyone that entered. As it is, I have decided to donate the FLEA that I purchased for myself to review to give it to a 4th winner. 🙂 So here we go…

The winners are:

1. Dominic Pieranunzio (Dominator) – George Harrison’s Something (part1, part2, part 3, part 4)
This was an impressive 4 part video giving a note by note instruction for this popular song. I know that it took a lot of time for Dominic to tab the song and record this video. It is a song that I aspire to learn! Thanks Dom!

2. Philip Fernandez – Triplet Rasgueado, Scratch, and Fandango
I really liked the videography and the lesson in general. I thought Philip did a great job demonstrating each of the strums. He is a good teacher and I hope he goes on to do more video lessons. I loved the funny part at the end too. 🙂

3. Charles Winkelmann – LocoRoco Clawhammer Ukulele Tutorial (part1, part2)
I was totally blown away by the effort that Charles put into this two part video. All the graphics work must have taken a lot of time.

4. Alonna Randall – Ukulele Hawaiian Style
A ukulele contest would not be complete without a demonstration for playing Hawaiian music. I really found this simple lesson helpful. When someone finds out that you play a ukulele, they expect you to play something Hawaiian. This lesson can help you do that.

Other videos that stick out in my mind are the ones from Dave Macapinlac, Ken Middleton, Rob Pelletier, Ian and Franklin Villanueva. You all entered multiple times and I want to thank you for the wonderful lessons and info that you’ve provided the ukulele community.

Thank you to everyone that entered and my awesome sponsors, Rob Deel of Ukulele4U and Al Wood from and I had a lot of fun watching all the entries and am very happy that there are now 54 extra videos out there that can help other people interested in the ukulele!

I already know what I’m going to do for my next contest… It doesn’t have anything to do with videos, but it does require creativity and artistic talent. Hmmmmmm :) Stay tuned…

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  1. Among all the great entries, im in shock!!! Thank you so much! And congrats to the other winners!

  2. Congrats the winners! I’m bummed out but thats cool 🙂

    It was great seeing all the videos that came from this contest.

  3. Congrats!!

  4. :)Way to go guys!!!
    Julie, that’s a very nice thing you did to donate your personal uku to the cause 🙂

  5. Let’s give Julie a round of applause for sponsoring this great contest. Picking out an extra winner is just outstanding. I thought it was one of the best contest ideas I’ve ever seen from the beginning and I have enjoyed all the videos being contributed to this contest. Thanks again Julie for your generosity!

  6. Thank you SO much, Julie! I was really surprised and excited to be in the contest. I loved all the videos and learned a lot from everyone. Thanks to all who participated! I feel like Charlester… I am definately in shock and feel very appreciative to be the recipient of Julie’s personal Uke! I promise that I will try to share the joy and fun with others! Thanks again to Julie and the sponsors of this awesome contest!

  7. Thank you Julie!!! Your kind words are definitely motivation for me to do more tutorial videos. Thanks to all the congratulators as well. =)

    Also thanks to everyone that participated and provided their input. That’s a whole lot of knowledge being shared across the community, and I’m glad I could be of service.

    – Philip

  8. Thanks so much Julie for all you put into this contest. And congrats to all the other winners and contributors. Regardless of individual skill levels this large number of videos will help all of us become better players. I for one, know I will learn a great deal from all these videos. Thanks again Julie.

  9. Congratulations to all the winners. It was a great contest. Julie I would hate to be in your shoes trying to decide on the winners. There were a lot of great entries.

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