Play it forward video contest entries

Here are the entries for the Play it forward video contest to win one of three FLEA ukulele packages.

More info about the contest is located here.

1. Chris Kaiser – Ukulele Chord Progression instruction

2. Arvin Reyes (NukeDOC) – Strap button install video

3. Dominic Pieranunzio (Dominator) – George Harrison’s Something (part 1)
Dominic Pieranunzio (Dominator) – George Harrison’s Something (part 2)
Dominic Pieranunzio (Dominator) – George Harrison’s Something (part 3)
Dominic Pieranunzio (Dominator) – George Harrison’s Something (part 4)

4. Markf3x – Lesson Playing B flat on Ukulele

5. Sam Millette – Lesson of the intro for Whiter Shade of Pale

6. Dave Macapinlac – 3 finger roll ukulele picking technique

7. Franklin Villanueva – Triple strum technique

8. Franklin Villanueva – Rumba strum technique

9. Franklin Villanueva – Muted strum technique

10. Dave Macapinlac – Another Ukulele Roll Technique Tutorial

11. John Hobson – How to add a bit of colour to your uke playing (part 1, part 2)

12. Mike Hayllor – Reggae strum technique

13. Mike Hayllor – Lay Down My Old Guitar

14. Rob Pelletier – Bum-did-ddy strum technique

15. Rob Pelletier – Epiphone Mandobird Conversion (part1, part2)

16. Mary-Ann McTrowe – Changing up a basic uke strum

17. Mary-Ann McTrowe – A simple transposer

18. Lazarus Morrison – More Than This by 10000 Maniacs

19. Philip Fernandez – Ukulele Tutorial – Triplet Rasgueado, Scratch, and Fandango

20. Franklin Villanueva – Play Reggae on the Ukulele

21. David Taitingfong – How to play U Remind Me by Usher

22. Jim D’Ville – Uke Open Strings

23. Ken Middleton – How to play a hymn tune

24. Ray Jacildo – Sweetest Girl ukulele tutorial

25. Charles Winkelmann – LocoRoco Clawhammer Ukulele Tutorial (part1, part2)

26. Ed Whitehead – 7 Steps of Ukulele Improvisation (part1, part2, part3)

27. Kevin Heidel – Joy to the world

28. Ken Middleton – Mississippi Sawyer (Right Hand Technique)

29. Jacob – GCEA vs. ADF#B Tuning

30. Didier – Another Day in Paradise tutorial

31. Ken Middleton – Here Is Love, Vast As The Ocean

32. Ian – How to Instantly Transpose on the Ukulele

33. Ken Middleton – How To Play The Ukulele Music Of Leonard Cohen

34. Ian – 4-Note Chords

35. Ian – Better Barre Chords

36. Lazarus Morrison – How to play Postcards From Italy by Beirut

37. Daniel Letras – How To Play Nantes On Ukulele

38. Fred Mui – Elephant Town tutorial (beware, this one is extremely challenging…)

39. Dave Macapinlac – Better Together by Jack Johnson (Part1, Part2)

40. Michael Madden – Ukulele Lady Lesson

41. Jeremy Uejio – The Lion Sleeps Tonight

42. Dave Macapinlac – Canon in D (Part1, Part2)

43. Rob Pelletier – Kookaburra song on Ukulele

44. Alan Brandt – Ukuleles and Foul Language

45. Mary-Ann McTrowe – Ukulele advice

46. Jongie Osawa – Applied Ukulele Theory (Part1, Part2)

47. Nate Melcher – Improvising Lyrics

48. Steven Wheeler – Introduction to Movable Chords

49. Franklin Villanueva – Learn to play tremolo on the ukulele

50. David Macapinlac – Beatles Yesterday (Part1, Part2, Part3)

51. Franklin Villanueva – Strumming in 3/4 time on ukulele

52. Gary Highley – Moveable Chord Forms for the Ukulele – Major Chords

53. Sebastian Daglinckx – Shaping your nails for the uke

54. Alonna Randall – Ukulele Hawaiian Style

9 Responses to “Play it forward video contest entries”

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  2. I don’t get the point of talking about “pay it forward” as it is a contest… Why don’t you just send those ukes to three people who need them or have already done something good with instructions on how to pay forward ?

    You’re not paying forward, you’re paying back people for an effort through a contest, and getting a benefit out of it. That’s not how it’s supposed to work.

    Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think this contest is a bad idea, it IS a good idea, BUT there’s no way it is a “paying forward” action, it’s simply a contest.

  3. samuel:
    I’m sorry that I’m not fitting the exact definition of the ‘pay it forward’ theme. I believe the idea is that you do something nice for someone and in turn they do something nice for another person who does something nice for yet another person… Right? Well, all the people that have posted ukulele videos on YouTube did something nice for me as they have taught me various songs. So, I bought 3 ukuleles and some accessories and made a contest that will pay back 3 people for making even more videos that will help/inspire/entertain even more people… I look at it as each person that submits an entry could have a positive effect on multiple people and in return they might win a prize and I also will generate some extra traffic to my site. Everyone benefits ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Hey Julie! This is a great contest.

    I don’t see what the problem with calling it ‘play it forward’. The contest is encouraging people teach others what they know on the ukulele. Those people in turn can teach other people. Everyone wins! ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. It is definitely a great concept for a competition. I’m not sure I would have got around to making a video were it not for the competition, however now that I have done so I am really keen to do some more videos – it’s fun to teach!

    Thanks Julie!

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