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You may have heard the expression Pay it Forward. It comes from a book written by Catherine Ryan Hyde that was turned into a movie with the same name and has even evolved into a movement. The main idea is that you do something good for someone and they in turn are asked to do something good for another person and so and so on. I thought I would take that same concept and use it to create a contest to help pay back for all the wonderful ukulele videos that I enjoy every day on YouTube. I thought it would be really cool to have a contest that would not only entertain but help teach other beginning uke enthusiasts like myself. So the Play it forward video contest was born.

See all of the contest entries here.

Here’s how it works…

Submit an instructional, tutorial, learning demonstration style ukulele related video to YouTube before 4/1/08. Then on 4/4/08, I’ll announce three winners. Each winner will receive the same prize pack, which will include:



1 Flea ukulele. Concert size with plastic fret board and gig bag.

1 Intelli IMT-500 digital tuner

1 Set of extra strings

1 UKE sticker from

Al Wood’s great collection of Ukulele eBooks:

How to Play Ukulele Chord Progressions
How to Play Ragtime Ukulele
How to Play Christmas Ukulele
Ukulele 101

Contest Rules – Read them carefully. If you don’t follow them, your entry will be disqualified

1. Submit one or more videos to YouTube from 2/16/08 (12am EST) to 3/31/08 (12pm EST).

2. Your submission needs to be an instructional video for the ukulele. Not just a performance. The idea is to pass on your knowledge to the uke community, to play it forward for all of us. Ideas: teach us to play your favorite song, show us how to do a fancy strum pattern, demonstrate how to adjust the action on your uke, explain how to improvise in a song, etc. The sky is the limit, impress us!

3. Your submission MUST BE new and MUST NOT have been posted to YouTube prior to 2/16/08. I watch every ukulele video posted to YouTube everyday, so don’t try to be sneaky… I’ll catch you ๐Ÿ˜‰

4. At the beginning of your video, say “This is my entry for the play it forward ukulele video contest”.

5. Paste the following text somewhere in the YouTube video description field:This is my entry for the play it forward ukulele video contest:

6. Tag your video with the words: ukulele and ukulelereview

7. Once your video is submitted to YouTube, email me ( ) the link to your video.

Winners will be chosen based on creativity and content. This contest is open to anyone, anywhere!

I look forward to seeing your entries!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

Special thanks go out to:

Rob Deel of Ukulele4u. Rob helped me out with a nice discount on the 3 ukes for this contest. Thanks Rob!

Al Wood of Uke Hunt and How to Play Ukulele who donated 3 sets of his uke ebooks.

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  1. I forgot to mention that the Fleas I have on order are a Lava (Black), Poi-ple (Purple) and Mango. I’ll allow the 1st place winner first choice of the colors, 2nd place second choice and 3rd place gets the one left over ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. That’s an outstanding idea! You should post links to the videos you get as they come in. Too bad I’m not real good at tutorial type stuff and not very creative, but maybe I’ll try my hand at this contest later. Thanks for having the contest! If it takes off it will benefit a lot of people who wants to learn stuff about ukuleles.

  3. GX9901:
    Oh, I definitely will post links of all the videos as they come in. Now if we can just get the first entry! ๐Ÿ™‚

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  5. I think your “Play it forward” contest in awsome.

    I love watching these videos and have to thank the very talented folks who put ukulele instructional videos on YouTube (whether in your contest or not). I applaud you in encouraging the submission of instructional videos with your contest.

    It pains me to be a leach and watch all of this stuff and not give something back.. Problem is, I’m a total beginner to music as well as the ukulele!!

    I’ve submitted my entry
    It’s miniscule in comparison to the likes of Dominator, but really my intent is to “Play it Forward” with the very little knowledge I have so far…


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  15. What an awesome concept! I wish I had heard about this earlier and I would have tried to make a video. Hmm… this has got me inspired, I’m going to try and do something like this, I think. Play it forward, indeed!

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