What’s the state of the ukulele in San Francisco, CA?


This coming Saturday, I’ll be on my way to San Francisco, California to attend Macworld Expo next week. I’m hoping that I can see everything I need to see at the show and then spend the rest of the days that I’m there sight seeing and other things. So my question for anyone listening, is…  what ukulele related stores, places, venues, etc., should I plan to see while I’m there?

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  1. Sorry, it is not very good. I live close to SF, Vallejo in fact and I have been trying to find a teacher, uke friends, anyone!?! If you happen to find someone, some place, anything please let me know.

  2. I am so jealous! Getting to go to Macworld Expo and play with all the new Mac gadgets and such (I am holding out for an iPhone with a little more memory) and combining it with your uke playing! You should have a great time.

    Not any specific places to recommend, but I can’t image that you wouldn’t find some people to play with in the Haight-Asbury area or in Golden Gate Park.


  3. A visit to the Da Silva Ukulele shop http://www.ukemaker.com/ in Berkeley would be a great thing to do. If you happen to be in the Bay Area on Jan 23, there that shop will be hosting its Berkeley Ukulele Club meeting and I highly recommend that. The following night, if you have a way to get to Santa Cruz, you can attend the zany Santa Cruz Uke Club http://ukuleleclub.com/ukul.html. This is the one I usually go to (since I live closer to it) but I can’t make it that night… but maybe you can!

  4. ‘Wish I’d known you were there! I sought out ukulele player and Mac tech writer Andy Ihnatko at MacWorld and scored what is probably the only “air ukulele” photo in the whole event! Go here for pix and details:

  5. Hi Tonya,
    I saw your post AFTER I got back home. It would have been nice to meet you! I loved your article about Macworld and Andy. 🙂

  6. I’ll be performing my solo musical improv show, The Uncle Ukulele Show, during the San Francisco Improv Festival this summer.

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