Meet my new KoAloha Concert Ukulele

My buddy Mr. UPS man dropped a box on my porch this afternoon. The ‘fragile’ stickers all over it told me it was my new uke! I didn’t waste anytime opening the box. By the way, who else hates styrofoam peanuts as much as I do? 😉 After digging around in the packing material, I pulled out a Black canvas case. Darn, I was hoping for a hard shell case. I’m not a fan of these zippered cloth cases… mostly because I have a cat and it seems that these cases are like a magnet for dust and cat fluff. I think this is a might be a good excuse to buy one of those cool tweed style cases from Bushman! Anyway, enough about the silly case, here’s my new concert sized KoAloha ukulele.


I’ll admit that before buying it, I wasn’t really a fan of the look of this ukulele. I’ve seen it in different YouTube videos and in pictures on the web and it didn’t really do anything for me. I’m happy to say that seeing it in the flesh is totally different. This is a very nice looking solid Koa wood instrument. Even the fret board is Koa.

Ok, that’s all you get from me about this instrument until my full review. Look for it in a few weeks. I need to break it in first 🙂

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