Thursday mailbox goodies: Banjo-Tam

Opening the mailbox when I come home from work each night, is always my favorite part of the day. When I opened it today, I found a very oddly shaped package. It took me a few moments to figure out what it might be and then I remembered a recent eBay spree and immediately knew what it was… A Woodstock Banjo-Tam. I couldn’t resist the cute looking little instrument and the price tag of $24.95 allowed it to be a spontaneous purchase.


What is a Woodstock Banjo-Tam you ask? Well, it’s a 4 stringed banjo, it’s a tambourine, it’s a Banjo-Tam! Isn’t it obvious? 😉


It’s cute, but how well does it actually play? Was it worth the $34.95 that I paid for it ($10 for shipping)? Find out this weekend when I post a full review of this little guy. Until then, has anyone else purchased one of these instruments?

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