The Rock House Method Presents Learn to Play Ukulele DVD Review

Title: Learn to Play Ukulele
Label: The Rock House Method
Year: 2006
Price: $19.99

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Instructional DVDs are important tools for people that do not have access to a live instructor when they are trying to learn the basics of an instrument. I didn’t buy this particular DVD. It came as a freebie with the ukulele that I purchased. But since it is available on Amazon and other stores, I wanted to do a quick review.

Parts of the Ukulele (1:10) – The instructor goes over the basics of the instrument as far as explaining what the neck is, frets, sound hole etc.

Background of the Ukulele (:58) – Talks about the origin of the word Ukuele “jumping flea” and mentions the sizes of ukes.

Tuning (1:35) – He plays each string on his Mahalo uke so that you can tune your instrument to his.

Holding the Ukulele (2:01) – Shows how to hold and strum the instrument.

Two Basic Chords (2:05) – Demonstrates how to play the C and G7 chords.

Your First Song (1:35) – Guides you through playing He’s Got the Whole World in His Hands using the two chords (C and G7).

More Chords (3:58) – Teaches six more chords: F maj, C7, F min, G maj, D7 and G dim.

Complete Song Progression (3:34) – Shows how to play When the Saints Go Marching In with 3 chords.

Finger Picking Progression (2:29) – Demonstrates a very simple 3 finger picking pattern with 1 finger chords.

The Fingernail Rake ( 1:57) – Demonstrations of three strumming methods. One that just uses the index finger or a felt pick and one that uses all your finger raked over the strings.

Single Note Melodies (3:32) – He shows how to play some simple songs by just picking the melodies one note at a time. Songs include Happy Birthday and Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.

Complete Song Examples (2:22) – Finally a good song to learn! House of the Rising Sun. Adds new chords (D and E maj).

The 1-4-5 Progression (1:26) – A lame introduction to some musical theory. Basically he just tells you to play the following chords A maj, D, E and then strums them a couple of different ways.

Conclusion (:15)

Total running time is 30:05.

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The actual video is clear and the audio is decent. It also has a split screen view while the instructor is playing a song, that shows the fingering in the main screen and strumming in a smaller window. That said, the Learn to Play Ukulele DVD did not impress me. There were really only two things that I enjoyed about it; Learning House of the Rising Sun and the 1-4-5 progression of chords. The latter was just because these three chords allow you to easily play Wild Thing. 😉 I’m not saying that this DVD is horrible, but it just doesn’t offer enough information or a selection of good song samples in my opinion. I guess you can’t expect a whole lot for around $20 though.

One thing it does offer is a key to get into the Rock House website. From there, you can see sheet music and tablature for the songs shown on the DVD.

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